Are You Currently Upcoming Events Planned For New Horizons

Are You Currently Upcoming Events Planned For New Horizons


Not only have there been lots of memes and photoshoots taken of players and villagers surrounded by fire, but one participant chose to pay homage to Animal Crossing Bells the renowned meme out of webcomic Gunshow. They even got the color of the background right.

Once players start accumulating flowers on their island, they will start to find out what's called"Man-faced Stink Bugs" appears in bunches of blossoms, aptly named for their resemblance to...well, a guy's face. This is a new addition to the bug encyclopedia of Animal Crossing and could be sold to Nook's Cranny for 1000 bells. With Tobey Maguire's rendition of Spiderman looking over the face of his uncle, cue the Spiderman jokes here...That one hurts.

When it comes out, it is quite easy to binge a game, and Animal Crossing is no exception. Because it happens in real-time, but it usually means that the player may find themselves chatting their villagers a bit more often than is regarded as"normal". Really, some villager quotations are so funny that we can't get enough of our fellow island residents, but let's consider it like that: If somebody spoke to you twenty five individual times, all at the same day, wouldn't you be annoyed as Shrek is? It hurts our feelings a little bit, although it is understandable.

Animal Crossing: Are You Currently Upcoming Events Planned For New Horizons?

New players at the Animal Crossing series may have gotten the incorrect idea about in-game events thanks to this Bunny Event, which lasted much too long and made us curse those blasted eggs. However, veteran players will be aware we have plenty of in-game events taking place throughout the entire year, and Earth Day ought to be on the record on April 22.

Unfortunately, Nintendo has not provided players with an calendar to plan for these events. Aside from logging in daily to check on your villagers, following the @Animalcrossing Twitter accounts is the best way to make sure that you don't lose out on buy Animal Crossing Items an event. While we do not have an entire list of what to expect in New Horizons, we do have a comprehensive list of what which will happen in New Leaf, and we're pretty confident that most events will proceed to the brand new game.