The Benefits of Hiring Construction Attorneys



Construction attorneys attend years of school to preside over the domain of construction law. Construction law is a broad field that covers anything pertaining to buildings and construction. Because of the broad nature of construction law, construction attorneys have job duties that greatly vary. One day, a construction attorney may be drafting a permit, the next day, a construction lawyer may be mediating a dispute. One thing is certain: construction attorneys protect clients. The involvement of construction attorneys early on in the building process is an indicator of a successful project. Here are some of the numerous benefits of hiring construction attorneys.

Assistance with Mechanic’s Liens

Mechanic’s liens are a tool used by subcontractors and suppliers. A mechanic’s lien is a legal claim against a property. In essence, a mechanic’s lien guarantees payment. Because of the important nature of a Mechanic’s lien, professional assistance is a recommendation. The professional counsel of a construction attorney will ensure equitable resolution for all parties.

Help Drafting and Negotiating Contracts

Contracts are the building blocks for any legal agreement. Should something go wrong, the courts will look to the contract to provide information regarding liability and compensation. Before drafting a contract, negotiations regarding contract terms can occur. A skilled contract attorney will negotiate a contract so that the terms are in your favor. A contract is one of the most essential pieces of paperwork in existence. Because of the fundamental nature of a contract, a professional must draft and create legally binding paperwork.

Employment Law

A building site or construction zone would be nothing without employees. Employee laws differ widely and construction attorneys ensure that employment laws are fair. Construction attorneys are allies to employers and employees alike. An employee who feels that they received unfair treatment on a worksite may seek the consultation of a construction attorney. Similarly, an employer may retain the services of a construction attorney.


Alternative Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Construction attorneys help with alternative dispute resolution and litigation. Alternative dispute resolution is a way to resolve conflict using a neutral party. Through Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) the involved parties attempt to solve problems without entering a courtroom. A third, neutral party helps the parties reach an equitable solution. If ADR is unsuccessful, litigation may occur. Construction attorneys can be helpful during litigation by representing their party. 

The truth is, everyone can benefit from construction attorneys. Construction attorneys work to defend and promote justice. A successful project is more likely when a construction attorney is involved early in the process. A deep understanding of contracts, laws, rules, and regulations makes construction attorneys formidable allies.