Role cloning service of WoW TBC Classic.

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Blizzard launched the Burning Crusade classic version on June 1, which is an essential update for nostalgic World of Warcraft players. When launching the classic version of the Burning Crusade, Blizzard provided gamers with important choices regarding the location of these characters. One feature promoted by the organization is its character cloning service, which has even been highlighted on gaming websites. Understanding how it works is the reason for playing games on classic servers.

Blizzard pointed out that it is the same as the classic pre-patches of the Burning Crusade. All existing classic areas are moving their content. However, the company may launch new classic era areas that may still be locked in the shadows on Azeroth and the graveyard patch. In other words, the characters in these areas will not have Outland or other burning expedition materials. The character cloning service will generate a snapshot of the World of Warcraft character created before the patch. To feel the charm of the character, players can also choose TBC Classic Buy Gold from Provide options for Burning Crusade or Classic Era gameplay. But you can't do both unless the individual pays for real-world expenses.
TBC Classic Gold
Once the player updates World of Warcraft to Burning Crusade, after launching the experience in, they will immediately choose between Progression or Classic Era realms. It's worth noting that characters that were previously deleted are often resurrected as clones. Blizzard further warned that although the clones will keep their inventory, friends, bank, and mailbox items. But switching to the classic era will delete all guild relationships and even the title of guild president. This may lead some guilds to the burning expedition.

As expected, characters created after the launch of Burning Crusade cannot be cloned. Similarly, if both clones are activated, the updated progress cannot be reflected in another domain type, no matter when the character is made. So players need to think carefully before making a decision. Fortunately, the Buy Cheap TBC Classic Gold selected by players from will not be affected. Various restrictions on World of Warcraft classic players may lead to splits. Only time will tell the number of people who need to experience the gameplay of Burning Crusade in our classic game.