What we know about the “Path of Exile” expansion

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Path of Exile: Heist is not far away. The development path of POE 3.12 introduces the Heist Alliance, 13 new NPCs, trinkets, alternative quality POE Currency, unique items of copy, basic types of experiments, new unique items, new spells, New curses, new steel skills, and reworked every game area.

The Heist extension adds a new location and a group of thieves who can help you plan and carry out a robbery and help you complete tasks such as theft, transportation and trap removal. These gangs will help you steal cultural relics, and the more thefts, the more chances you will have to rob by selling robbers in The Rogue Harbor. Finally, you can organize all the knowledge and create the best apprentices, and penetrate large institutions to get more rewards.

Heist itself has a monitored facility, and there are many good items that we cannot see. From the enormous amount of content and changes, we can see that Heist is an ambitious expansion. Path of Exile Heist will be released soon. Let’s introduce the rogue Ganggang and the contract content.

Rogue Harbor is a new area where you can meet crew members and contract gangsters, and they will help you with robberies, whether it’s intelligence, traffic or unlocking and dismantling. It is the basis of your robbery, where you can recruit new gangsters, plan to loot and sell any stolen artifacts. There are 13 recruitable rascals in the port, specializing in various skills and talents. All rascals have one key skill and three sub-skills.

Contracts and marks are specific to the robbery. The items are dropped from the monster and can be obtained from the robber. The mark is the currency you exchange with the rogue to help them in the robbery and is an important item for you to ask for cultural relics after the robbery.

A contract is like a map representing a robbery. The artifacts listed in it are the prime targets. You need to learn the professional knowledge and skills required for robbery from the gangster. You can buy Exalted Orb to change the contract and increase the difficulty and rewards. They also have their own module library, which can be adjusted to further adjust the reward and difficulty of each heist.