NBA 2K22: Who is the best rookie?

NBA 2K22: Who is the best rookie?


Whether in MyGM or MyTeam, picking good rookies as early as possible may bring rewards a few months after the game is released. A high-quality rookie will make progress throughout the season, and a good performance in real life will lead to an increase in the data in the NBA 2K22 MT game. Therefore, the rookie is an investment in NBA 2K22.

Rookies do not have excellent statistics in all aspects, but they usually perform well in one aspect of the game. When facing an opponent's substitute rotation, rookies have the opportunity to shine in a limited role. The rookie class of 2021 may become the best draft class in history. In the first round of the game, several players had the best team in the league, and many more players performed well in the playoffs.

Before this year's draft, many analysts regarded Cade Cunningham as a genius. Cunningham shoulders the responsibility of reviving the Detroit Pistons and is the No. 1 pick in the game and the highest-rated rookie. The tall point guard has an excellent 82 perimeter scoring. Combined with his scoring, Cunningham is an excellent rookie organizer with 79 organizational skills and 86 ball possession. Cunningham's defensive and inside scoring data is medium, but the potential score is 95. These weaknesses will definitely be repaired two years after entering MyGM's career.


Evan Mobley is the best big man in this draft class. The Cleveland Cavaliers selected Mobley with the third overall pick in the first round. He played well with the team's guards Darius Garland and Collin Sexton. Mobley has a solid 79 rebounding score, combined with his solid inside scoring and athletic ability. Focus on pick-and-rolls with Sexton or Garland to make Mobley an easy layup. Mobley will also become a useful rebounder in games against some of the dominant big men in the league.

When Jalen Suggs was selected with the fifth overall pick, the Orlando Magic were ecstatic. Suggs is an energetic point guard with an excellent all-around game. His 82 organization ability and 83 athletic ability make him immediately a good choice as a substitute point guard. He has 77 three-pointers and 81 excellent close shots, which makes him a first-day threat and should break 80 points before the All-Star Game.

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