The performance of players in FIFA 22 is still mixed

In FIFA 22, Son Heung-Min is the only new name to enter the top 22.


Recently, EA Sports released the first batch of FIFA 22 featured recommendations, including the top 22 player selections in the game version of the year. For the FIFA 22 rating, there are some things that we need to know.

In FIFA 22, Son Heung-Min is the only new name to enter the top 22. He previously ranked 35th in FIFA 21 with a total rating of 87. And this year, the South Korean forward suddenly raised his rating to 89, which allowed FUT 22 Coins him to rise to the 17th place and squeeze into the top 22. In addition, Son's Tottenham Hotspur teammate Harry Kane is also the only English player to enter the top 22 and squeeze into the top 10 with a rating of 90 points.

However, what is worrying is from Real Madrid's Eden Hazard. His FIFA rating has dropped again, this time completely falling out of the top 22. The Belgian striker was Buy FIFA 22 Coins ranked 4th in the FIFA 2020 season, but after seeing his rating quickly drop from 91 to 88 within a year, his ranking also dropped to 22. And now, he is no longer in the top 22 list.

Erling Haaland made his debut in the FIFA series, but his overall ranking in FIFA 20 is only 73. However, after the Norway striker had an extraordinary start in Borussia Dortmund, he soon rose to 84 in FIFA 21, although this is still only the previous 100 position rating him. Entered Dortmund from January 2021 and scored 65 goals in 65 games. Despite these brilliant performances, this year's FIFA 22 still failed to make the name Haaland appear in the top 22.

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