How to complete the heist in the Path of Exile: Heist

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The goal of the heist is to grab the item and get out of it smoothly. To start the heist, you need to take the contract to Wayfinder in Rogue Harbour. There, Wayfinder will accept your mark payment to cover all aspects of the heist you need. This is when you gather intelligence and hire the gangsters who accompany you in the heist. Then you will be transferred to that location. On the way to the artifacts, you will find a room full of POE Currency. Remember, you can only carry looted items with you. You will need to ensure that there is enough space in your inventory to ship the workpiece.

During the heist, you can steal items from lockers, suitcases, password boxes and enemies you kill. Killing the guard and making too many sounds will raise the alarm level. If the alarm level gauge is full, you will trigger the alarm and you will leave for a short time before leaving the guard. If the alarm sounds and the timer runs out, the workpiece will be locked. If you succeed and steal the artifacts, the alarm will automatically sound and you will have to race to escape until you die by the guard. If you successfully escape, you will need to go to NPS Whakano to exchange artifacts for Markers. Every time you successfully carry out a robbery, it will help you gain knowledge for future heists and big heists.

The heist requires a blueprint. The blueprint is a new project introduced in the Heist update to plan Grand Heists. They are very similar to contracts because they are new areas in the world and can be manufactured. It's like your own instantiation area, where you can sneak in until you are satisfied or your heart is torn.

You need to hire a heist team to help you complete the robbery. Will help you improve a lot of efficiency. In an ordinary heist, you can only carry one thief with you, while in a "big heist" you can carry up to three thieves. Each wing in the heist had its own alert level. Your blueprint is very useful to help you deal with all kinds of wind and know the best way to escape. The main part of the robbery is the planning stage. Unlike most POEs that simply run through the enemy and fire at the enemy, the heist requires more skill or Buy POE Items to complete.

With the update of Heist, there will be many new awards. There are not only more than 900 kinds of jewelry, but also replicas, trinkets and high-level heists. The copy is very interesting. If you are not new to POE, then according to the game legend, you will know that there is only one unique item in the world. We actually know that this is not the case, because I can have the same unique projects as millions of other participants, but in the world of POE, unique projects are unique because nothing else happens.