"People Who Won't Be Replaced by Sex Dolls": Survival Strategies in the Age of Intelligence

but I still like to send a text message to the family doctor and make a phone call to ask what to do, so as to be at ease.


Will sex dolls replace humans?

In the age of sex dolls, the question that is often discussed is what kind of jobs won't be replaced by sex dolls.

At first people thought that high-level mental work would not be replaced, such as doctors and lawyers, but now doctors and lawyers can do the work, and they are much more efficient than humans.

So people think that creative jobs, such as painters, designers, and writers, will not be replaced, but now computers can also draw, design, and write press releases.

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Then someone said that emotion is a unique ability of human beings, and now there are also silicone sex doll that can detect the combination of facial muscles, and judge a person's true feelings through analysis, with a higher accuracy than people.

It seems that silicone sex doll can replace almost any job for humans.

The author of this book, Colvin, believes that in the future, work related to interpersonal communication will become more and more important. While developing technology, we must also pay special attention to interpersonal skills. Only such people will not be sexually abused in the future. Dolls are replaced.

I very much agree with this point of view. Take raising a baby that every family will experience. Even if there are some companion robot sex doll, almost every mother likes to come by herself. It does not mean that the sex dolls are not intelligent enough to accompany the baby, but that it is in line with the emotional needs of human beings to bring the baby in person. In the process of bringing the baby in person, you can see that the babies are changing every day, making a little progress every day, and a little joy every day. You may not be able to see clearly when you are just born, and then suddenly one day starts to look at you with affectionate eyes. , and later talking to you dada, from just lying down, to turning over, then pouting your butt, landing on your hands and knees, then sitting there, and crawling to find something fun. This coherent action can shock you, and let the Buddha see the animation of human development.

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There are many jobs related to interpersonal communication, such as work related to decision-making, such as company CEOs, national leaders, etc. We do not want to listen to the opinions of mini sex doll on key decisions.

For example, the doctor we often mention, although sex dolls may be better at diagnosing the disease, but when we are sick, we still want to find a doctor with rich qualifications to confirm, this has nothing to do with the accuracy of the diagnosis, we just have this kind of demand.

Just like there are many software programs and many courses, you can find out the coping strategies for some minor illnesses in life,