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Meet Yassine Saidi, the Man Behind PUMA's Style Collaborations By Chris Danforth in Sneakers 1232 Shares Share Tweet Email WhatsApp Comments Yassine Saidi is the head of PUMA Select, a division of the German sportswear brand that?oversees the brand's high-level style partnerships. Mainstream interest in sneakers and sneaker culture has?ballooned?in the last three years,?as PUMA's financial reports for the first quarter of?last year attested. The numbers?revealed a 92 percent leap in net earnings to $54 million.

with the brand's converse all white footwear sector growing by almost 25 percent year-on-year from Q1 2016, marking one of the best growth rates in the history of the brand.Saidi's work has been part of that acceleration. Recent PUMA brand partnerships and?celebrity sneaker endorsements include fashion brands?such as South Korea's ADER Error, video game developer SEGA, electronic musical instrument manufacturer Roland,?and pop culture figures?such as The Weeknd, Selena Gomez, Big Sean, Cara Delevingne, and one name that stands out above?all others: Rihanna.

Watershed moments in Saidi's?early days?at PUMA, setting the?stage for the brand's current successes, include signing Brooklyn We Go Hard and Vashtie as ambassadors and collaborators. "Influencers that can actually design," as he puts it, although no one was really using the word "influencer" in that context at the time. Then came a series of release events that truly put PUMA in a different spotlight.Saidi met the converse basketball shoes team at adidas France and was handed a position heading accessories and swimwear in 2003.

?A simple PUMA Suede?placed on a platform sole, the Creeper concept can actually be attributed to Billy Walsh, better known as Mr. Completely. Walsh is set to introduce his own PUMA collaboration in 2019.After our meetings with Saidi in Berlin and again in Herzogenaurach, he returns to his busy travel schedule,?heading to Paris, Los Angeles, and then Seoul.?That's no surprise given PUMA?has a fairly large network of "x" collaborators and it's his job to?make first  contact and then maintain relationships with all of them.