How to get the advanced equipment of New World

If players want to achieve outstanding achievements in New World, good equipment is essential.


The major sources of weapons and armor in the New World are: rewards for defeating monsters, treasures picked up from treasure chests, items purchased in shops and handmade equipment. The easiest of these is to spend New World Coins on the faction store.

If players want to achieve outstanding achievements in New World, good equipment is essential.

If the player is pursuing the highest equipment score and the best skills and attributes, then players can make equipment according to their own specific specifications, or expect to drop advanced equipment from the enemy. If you encounter it, it means that the player is lucky. Luck is not owned by everyone. It will be more secure by buying New World Coins.

In addition, we need to understand the specific details of the equipment. According to the weight of the armor, it can be divided into three types: light, medium, and heavy. Each of these three types of armor has its own advantages, and players can choose between them according to their own situation. The total equipment of less than 13 is the best choice for light armor, the recommended range of equipment for 13-23 is medium level, and the load of over 23 should choose heavy armor. One way to get armor is to buy Cheap New World Coins.

New World divides equipment levels into five categories based on colors. Gray is common, green is rare, blue is rare, purple is epic, and the last orange is legendary. The difference between these levels is mainly the number of filled gem slots in the equipment. Another option for players is to make. The level of the player’s crafting skill determines the level of crafting items. The minimum and maximum equipment scores purchased by players are affected by the level of trading skills. It is the first choice for players who want to upgrade their level quickly to buy New World Coins.