The next extended personality of POE will be more distinctive

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Even for game developers who are still delivering content in time, it is difficult to integrate everything together. This year, Grinding Gear Games has been delivering great content to the POE and completed three expanded release plans. Now the third expansion called POE Heist is in full swing. Many players use their strategy and strength to get many POE Currency and other treasures.

Now for the game team, since there is no urgency to release the POE 2 Beta plan, they have put all their thoughts on developing the 3.13 extension and how to make the development process of future extensions more efficient. If they can really do this, the development time required for all future expansions will reduce, and it will also provide sufficient time for the development team to add more fun elements to the game. But now everything is changing, and the POE official dare not say whether it will succeed.

Because of the severe epidemic in the country where the development team is located, the pressure on the developers is enormous, making it difficult to develop the latest POE extensions. Wilson pointed out that changes in the pace of development depend on whether simple tasks are more difficult than expected or complex tasks are easier to complete than originally intended. Based on a simple model that takes less time to develop, this has led to widespread adoption of extensions.

In particular, the Grand Heists case seems to have undergone more adjustments and repairs than usual. Wilson took over the expanded production, hoping to limit the spread of features and provide a closer and more focused player experience. The expansion will focus on the world atlas, will require about half of Heist’s development time, and will announce slightly differently than before. Wilson hopes that the new expansion will enable the company to maintain its 13-week cycle on new content. Players should Buy POE Items earlier because Wilson believes this is the best for continuous growth before POE 2 and the long-term health of POE.