They Believe The Only Fun In Runescape Is Pking

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Folks are botting because they think the only real fun in OSRS gold is pking and that training for levels to pk with is dull. This direct them to then rationalize that botting is fine since it is not doing anything to influence other players, it's simply permitting them not have to play in a dull environment to receive a fantastic accounts for pking. Also, I believe that the majority of people who move on personal servers do not go on them because they have been banned or for rwting or for some other reason, the majority of people just want a enjoyable time pking without grinding levels at a good account.

On coaching my 3rd pking account in 2010, I have even contemplated botting because it is rather obvious to anybody who has trained a pking accounts that it is boring as hell. In retrospect I was fortunate because at the time a great deal of accounts were stolen by botting sites and I chose partially based on it wouldn't be wise to create a pking account through botting. With this being said, there clearly is an issue that Jagex is not addressing. Individuals that bot seem to be bored with the idea of gaining levels to pk with, and with great reason. Pkers who want to train their levels in the classic method of killing mobs have been required to kill the same mobs for years, its always minotaurs or monks or any other grindable mob.

You will find bots resurfacing to Runescape

so that I would say that a solution to the botting of pkers and personal servers being populated is that there needs to be a manner in which levelling is created enjoyable. Jagex has to quit looking at the botting problem in methods of bodily prevention, physical prevention will not happen most likely as even today after the bot nuke you will find bots resurfacing to Cheap RuneScape gold. Jagex should rather focus on why folks are botting and they then can knock out a good part of botters, just leaving the gold sellers and other men and women who simply bot for cash alone.