Expertise the majority of people enjoy the free construction xp

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The loser is RuneScape gold not murdered. I think various storylines (such as the cave goblin one) will lose some of their potency if you kill off Bandos. Surethe quests happen previously, but why is it important if he is just going to die anyway? In the first one, Zamorak has been kicked out, but I assume he is still hanging about Runescape and has a strong and loyal following. He's nowhere close irrelevant/dead and appears in Missing Presumed Death (that I presume happens following the first world event).

Central location. I don't like the way the Bird and the Beast event is spread all over the freeplay world. It's harder to get a idea of what is going on if some parts of the event are taking place across the world. I knew what needed to be carried out immediately with the Lumbridge event, although I snapped around for an hour at the Bird and the Beast and did not figure out considerably. Maybe I'm emotionally slow and the complexity is good, but I believe simplicity is something which is usually undervalued in life.

Expertise the majority of people enjoy the free construction xp. When I did it I just got 1 xp at one time and probably at a rate of 5k/hour roughly. Maybe it's because I only have 26 structure?

I know this is something none of us Jagex can restrain, however, an event is really a lot more fun when the sides are sort of even. Everybody knew Saradomin would acquire in the first one too, but it had been closer. The lopsided margin also rears its ugly head in PvP more, which might be one of the cheap School RS Gold reasons why a lot more people are whining this time around.