I Intend To Use A Dragon Longsword To Combat

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I've been thinking about getting flame cape for some time today, and today I'm finally going to do it. I have considered the equipment and stock proved attentively, but I feel like there's something missing. This is precisely what RuneScape gold I'm bringing: The armour I am wearing is full armadyl (Best ranged armour in the game in all ways), and the bolts are diamond bolts (e). The items in my inventory are sapphire bolts (e) complete guthan (For healing), dragon halberd and crystal bow.

Here would be my levels: 112 battle, 103 without summoning. 70 prayer. 77 ranged. 82 defence. My strategy is really much starightforward, I will utilize the bolts that are broad and guthan in the beginning. Hopefully guthan and crystal will get me past the initial 90's without using any sara brews, and once the 180's beginning coming I will attempt to do them last with all the halberd out of a safespot. Crystal bow and diamond bolts ought to kill the 360's fast enough once they start coming, then I'll just keep using guthan and goblin mace as much as possible before the Jad comes.

My primary strategy for Jad is to simply use diamond bolts and Old school runescape gold attempt to keep alive. I am not certain what to do about the healers, perhaps I'll just make them block each other, or perhaps get them trapped behind Jad. We are going to see. Now if this plan has some significant flaws, please inform me. :-RRB- And I am also unsure what to have in my inventory, I have no idea the number of sara brews I will need. And maybe there is another helpful thing I can bring?