The exciting POE event is finally about to appear in December

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Since it has been more than two months since Grinding Gear Games released POE Heist in September, players’ interest in it has also reached a period of decline. Although they have got a considerable amount of POE Items and POE Currency, they are still full of enthusiasm for the new expansion. However, because the release date of Cyberpunk is too close to the POE 3.13 extended release date, the game team has to postpone it to January next year. So players are very frustrated now.

Grinding Gear Games informed the players that they are about to release three new events in December. Players who be bored with the current Path of Exile content have a direction to work hard.. They renewed their enthusiasm for the game. The three events have different content this time. In chronological order, they are the Mayhem Event at 3pm on December 4th, the Endless Delve Event at 3pm on the 11th, and the Heist Flashback Event on the 18th at 3pm.

After reviewing the detailed descriptions of the three events, most players think the one-week Endless Delve Event is the most worthwhile one. It is carried out entirely in the Azurite mine. In this unique event, players will start to plunge into dangerous darkness with some starter equipment. They can also use the ascending altar in the mine camp to improve their character, while Eli Lilly Rose and Nico can provide skill gems. Players cannot enter their hideout or any town, which means they will face the darkness alone.

Players need to seize this opportunity, because this is the only thing worth taking seriously before the POE 3.13 expansion release. If they want to achieve greater success and worry that their POE Items reserves are not enough to support them to go far, it is best to Buy some Cheap POE Currency as soon as possible.

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