Madden has no logic for franchise in a season standpoint

Madden has no logic for franchise in a season standpoint


Yea, madden is everybody runs the same plays over and over again, straight trash in the vs mode that is standard, cheese as fuck. 2k20 actually takes a bit more creativity, maybe not as much as real life basketball, but teams actually feel different in their play styles. And the players dont that is 2k completely disregard missions such as Mut 20 coins in this vid.

You'd think by today Madden CPU could have more detail programming to get game-time scenarios, instead of one"hustle when down 17 or less inside of 1:01, otherwise perform generally" scripted light switch and that is it. As if football isn't complicated in the quarter. It bugs me when I'm only up 1pt and they use that strategy in the playoffs/ superbowl. Like yall must hustle interior of 2min not go at it before the trigger. Makes the win sense accomplished when the AI is simply being dumb to some degree that would find a head coach fired after Madden.

Amen to this. Like clockwork then burn them all by 30 seconds 16, the timeouts are called by them at 1:01. Run one or two plays dont receive shut and telephone hurry up to run out the clock. Where the spiked ball at any stage, I mean? I wish somebody would provide madden contest in order that they would be forced to make it great again.I really want to attribute ultimate group fornit, but shit it's basic coding to include some simple AI 4th situations rather than one worldwide one.

You know what bugs me? Madden has no logic for franchise in a season standpoint. You are the 7-0 Packers and confronting the 1-6 Lions. Lions will not take any risks. If I am the Lions in 1-6 with an opportunity to defeat the undefeated Packers, I am not kicking a field goal. I am not punting in that match at all. When Lions are down 42-0, if they are on a losing streak, I don't care, they don't play it safe. They risk it all every time, if they're not and in week 14 making the playoffs. But not based on Madden.

It seems like they refuse to detract from it and have a set gameplan. I might be up 3 scores and they keep getting stuffed every time and trying to run it up the center. Constant dumps to WRs, TEs, and HBs. I understand they can do a job but when you've got no competition?

Is this trade not reasonable for buy Madden 20 coins them?!